R E S T A U R A N T / B I S T R O


Since the restaurant's inception, August 27th 2010 the unmistakable heartbeat has continued to resonate throughout the valley. Sorrel's intimate atmosphere can easily be traced back to one word: innovation. Our unique menu is a direct reflection of the love and passion behind our creative processes led by Owner/ Executive Chef Adrian Halmagean. Join us inside our restaurant and discover unique original works of art on the walls created by Sebastian Halmagean. Stop by and indulge in an intimate experience whether it be a quick lunch or settling down for an evening dinner. 

Sorrel takes pride in VARIETY, CREATIVITY and SIMPLICITY. At Sorrel Restaurant/Bistro we offer the most unique experience to our customers by delivering flavors born from a richly authentic family tradition. With an ever changing menu, we present combinations of traditional, modern and creative styles of cooking from all across the world. Our one of a kind restaurant welcomes you to our casual dining experience. Fashioned by a rustic aesthetic for the purpose of sharing with you our passion for the provocative tastes of foreign lands. Our unique world dishes are in good company with our selection of wines, draught pours and our fine liquor. 

We believe food should be elevated to an art form which stirs and stimulates. Sorrel Restaurant/Bistro takes pride in our creative process from start to finish. We begin with gathering the freshest, highest quality organic ingredients from local farmers and producers. Make it in to try our menu items for yourself. We'll have you know "made from scratch", "unprocessed" and "original" are all terms that are the foundation of our philosophy and approach. In an exciting atmosphere that thrives from variety and diversity, you can expect an ever changing menu that offers the opportunity to explore and savor assorted world dishes from our restaurant.